12 hour stationary bike ride Fitness First.
Helping to raise awareness of Cardiac Research at The Heart Research Institute. Fundraising during Australian Fitness week 2014. A 12 hour riding challenge, spin for your heart.
Prince of Wales Childrens Hospital Sydney
Fundraing for Prince of Wales Childrens Hospital in Sydney. Raise money for operating theatre equipment. 222km run in Himalayas.
Ride across Canada

Ride across Canada 2015. Cycle 7777km across Canadaa and another 2500km in USA before starting the ride across Canada. Help raise money for the 100 mile club in USA/Canada. This charity promotes health and fitness awareness for kids.
Ambassador and guest speaker at the Sydney Chocolate Ball 2014 for FSHD. Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) is an inheritable and debilitating muscle disease, characterised by the progressive irreversible weakening and loss of skeletal muscles in the body. Presenting a mucles for muscles talk.
Ambassador FSHD 2014
Sydney Chocolate Ball 2014
Arch2Arc ultrtriathlon October 2016